Care Packages Needed to Help #peoplelikethat

General Care Packages

Please help our families living with autism in South Louisiana by sending general care packages to them.  You can find Large USPS Priority Mail Boxes at your local Post Office then fill them up with goodies listed below.

Please print off this list and then check off what is included.  Include notes for our families to let them know they are loved.  We will pick up the boxes daily and give them to families in need.

Thanks for helping us and for praying for us here in South Louisiana!  We are all one big autism family!  All of us at Unlocking Autism are so grateful for your help!

Toothbrush   Granola Bars  
Toothpaste   Protein Bars  
Floss   Pretzels  
Shampoo   Snack Crackers  
Conditioner   Diapers  
Soap   Formula  
Bandaids   Baby Wipes  
Bug Spray   Towels  
Qtips   Deodorant  
Kleenex   Neosporin  
Hand sanitizer   Hand Soap  
Bacteria Wipes   Gift Cards  
Dry Shampoo   Tampons  
Sunscreen   Sanitary napkin  
Koolaid single pks   Hairbrush  
Walmart gift card   Comb  
CVS gift card   Gold Bond Pwdr  
Hand lotion   Deck of cards  
Pens & notebooks   Flashlight/batteries  

Please send USPS Priority Mail Boxes to:
Shelley Hendrix, Unlocking Autism
PO Box 41312, Baton Rouge, LA 70835