Help Hurricane Harvey ASD Families

 Unlocking Autism is calling on all levels of political leadership and our community to assist with families and individuals with autism impacted by Hurricane Harvey and the floods.  Since Hurricane Katrina hit twelve years ago, we have worked to help our families in the aftermath of natural disasters because this is a special population with special needs. We want to ensure our families are not turned away from shelters or asked to leave as has happened in the past and left to ride out the aftermath in their cars or sheds.

The best way the community can help right now is to pass immediate recovery recommendations to political officials and to spread the word about assistance.  Unlocking Autism is collecting donations, which are tax deductible as we are a registered 501c3.  Donations collected through September 30th, 2017 will go completely to our families in need. We have no employees and no significant overhead costs.

Here is how you can help:

  1. CONTACT YOUR POLITICAL LEADERSHIP: Alert your own local political officials about the need to include special populations with regard to an #ASDPlan and ask them to do what they can to help spread the word through leadership.
  2. MAKE A DONATION: Priority right now will be to collect funds to provide families with WalMart or Amazon gift cards so they can get the items they need as fast as possible specific to the needs of their child or individual living with autism.  Those are all unique as you may imagine so this is the best thing to do at this stage of the event.  As the event continues to unfold, check back because people’s needs will change but families are scattered right now.  The time will come when we need care packages and other donations but for now this is the best way to help.  Our goal is to provide families in need with at least a $250 gift card to get started. You can make your donation here.

    If you specifically make a donation of $65.00, that will be a signal to us to order a weighted blanket for a child.  We are partnering with the same company we worked with last year to get these to comfort our community kids!

  3. FIND OUR FAMILIES: Check on families that you know in Texas and Louisiana that are in the path of the storm.  Have them register with us. We have volunteers on standby to call them and assess their need. They can register easily here.

  4. STAND READY: What we learned here in Baton Rouge last year is that there is a whole country and community of people to love one another.  Last year was clearly a dress rehearsal for this event this year.  Pray for our people. We know God tells us that He will be with us when, not if, the water comes up to our neck.  Pray for their protection and safety. Pray for their swift recovery and provision.  Stay alert for notices as they come and move when you see them.

We are a family.  We fight and we fuss and we are all stressed but our families in Texas and Louisiana need us to be there for them now.  Working together as one – in one body – we will be able to accomplish so much and be a huge blessing to families who need us today…and in the future.

All of our love,

Together we are all Unlocking Autism