Helping the Johnson Family #peoplelikethat

kevira flood
Kevira Johnson’s family evacuated on Saturday, August 13th from their home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana that was quickly filling up with flood water.  Her family has four children ages 16, 10, 3 and 7 weeks. Their 10 year old daughter has Angelman’s syndrome.

The house filled up with 5 feet of water and everything is a total loss.  Their sweet girl lost her pull ups, AFO braces for her feet, mechanical walker, wheelchair and medicines.

kevira flood 2

They are not in a shelter. They are not at Kevira’s mother’s home because their daughter would have to sleep on the floor.  She has a curve in her spine and would experience serious pain sleeping on the floor.  She cannot communicate pain or discomfort.

All six members of this family are living with a relative in Bogalusa, LA in a one bedroom home.

Right now, Unlocking Autism has only raised enough to give their family a $250 gift card from WalMart.  Communications are difficult with families on the move and unstable cell phone coverage. Clothing and shoe sizes for the family members are listed below and you can mail them to Unlocking Autism, PO Box 41312, Baton Rouge, LA 70835. PLEASE WRITE “FOR JOHNSON FAMILY” on your box to ensure we get it to the right family and we will deliver it as quickly as possible.

We need to raise approximately $1500 per family to be able to move them into stabilized housing, provide them with blow up mattresses, pillows, sheets, towels, toiletries and one week of food to get them started.  Several shelters around the area have stated that they don’t take “people like that” referring to our children with autism spectrum disorder and related developmental disabilities.  We will work to fix that for the next big storm but for now, we need your help to help this family directly.

Unlocking Autism is an all volunteer organization and all funds raised will go directly to families at this time.  Visit Unlocking Autism to make your tax deductible donation. The Johnson family thanks you for your help!


Fwd: Kym
Xl woman
14 misses pants
Panties size 8
Bra 38 DD
Shoe size 10

Girls 14 top and bottom
Pull ups size xl
Shoe size 5y

Girl size 4t-5t top and bottom
Panties size 4t
Shoe size 10

6mths -12 mths
Diapers size 1 or 2
Formula Enfamil  infant

Shoe size 10 1/2
Shirt size medium/large
Pants size 31/32 or 32/32
Jacket size large
Underwear large

Xl shirt
Xl drawlz
Pants 38 waist 34 length
Slim fit pants 40 waist ( big thighs)
Shoes size 12
Favorite colors red black royal blue