Thank You Congressman Garret Graves!

Unlocking Autism is so grateful to Congressman Garret Graves (LA-6) and his dynamic staff who submitted language for the Fiscal Year 2017 LHHS/Education Appropriations Bill to include report language advising DHHS to develop a pilot program to improve integrated treatment protocols for children with neuro-developmental disabilities, including autism, that specifically seek to address the comorbid diagnoses that often accompany the primary diagnosis focusing on physical and mental health issues.

Many children with autism have comorbid physical issues in their gastrointestinal systems, sleep disorders and seizures, as well as mental health issues like ocd and anxiety that can easily be addressed. Often the treatment of our children’s symptoms are either not well coordinated among treating physicians or dismissed and overlooked.

This will hopefully begin the discussion necessary to change that paradigm.

The letter is below and we will let you know soon how you can ask your Congressman to support this initiative to improve biomedical treatment for autism. What a great way to start Autism Awareness Month for 2016. Thank you again Congressman Graves!


 Click the image below to read the full letter!